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Despite his death nearly half a century ago, Ernest Hemingway is written about, referenced, cited and quoted nearly every day by publications around the world. His work continues to be the subject of discussion, debate and admiration.

Tourists flock to his homes in Key West and outside Havana, retrace his steps along the Seine in Paris or through the streets of Pamplona and fish the sparkling Caribbean waters he sailed aboard his beloved fishing boat, Pilar. New films based on Hemingway’s life and work are under development, while his collected writings continue to be published in anthologies and revised editions.

This section offers a collection of articles, blog entries and web posts which chronicle the continued interest in Hemingway’s life and the influence of his work.

Experimental Theater Company Does Hemingway Their Way


The makers of eight-hour long Great Gatsby-based play Gatz are bringing a different, much shorter literary adaptation to New York next fall.

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Creators of ‘Gatz’ Plan New York Staging of ‘The Sun Also Rises’


Did you love “Gatz” but your derriere didn’t? The creators of that play, a dramatic reading of “The Great Gatsby” that spanned more than eight hours start to finish, are lining up their New York encore with “The Select (The Sun Also Rises),” a shorter drama based on the Ernest Hemingway novel that is set to run in New York next fall.

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Roadside Attractions Acquires Rights To Hemingway's Garden Of Eden


Roadside Attractions has acquired U.S. rights to Hemingway's Garden of Eden, directed by John Irvin and starring Mena Suvari, Jack Huston, Caterina Murino, Richard E. Grant, Matthew Modine and Carmen Maura.

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Hemingway In Idaho


Ernest Hemingway's literary presence is universally recognizable and his work changed the landscape in American literature, said Brandon Schrand, director of the Master of Fine Arts in creative writing program.

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Nature Settings in Ernest Hemingway's Work


Nature is gripping as a setting on the water in Islands in the Stream, as a background for the war in For Whom the Bell Tolls and A Farewell to Arms, as a setting for safari in True at First Light, as a setting for hunting in Across the River and into the Trees, as description of a countryside and for fishing in The Sun Also Rises. Ernest Hemingway describes nature, sometimes coordinates civilization into it, and sometimes imposes humanity on it.

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Ernest Hemingway Museum Opens its Doors to Host Launch Event for “Hunting for Hemingway” Mystery Novel


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Honoring an Adopted Son


By all accounts, Ernest Hemingway loved Idaho, but as far as anyone knows, he never wrote any stories about it.

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Hemingway Symposium Bridges Writers to Author


Sun Valley is an Ernest Hemingway mecca, attracting more than 200 visitors a year who make pilgrimages to visit the valley and the Community Library to pay homage to the writer. This year, the Community Library in Ketchum has joined with Boise State University to host the sixth annual celebration of Hemingway's literary heritage.

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Column: Hemingway’s Michigan


Summers in northern Michigan helped shape Nobel laureate.

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Hemingway's First and Forever Love


WALLOON LAKE, Mich. -- At the beginning of the last century, when the Great Lakes steamships brought the summer people from Chicago, he was introduced to fishing, hiking and camping along these shores. He lingered alongside the lakes, he plied the streams, he set up tents behind the family home and on the trails. Ernest Hemingway loved northern Michigan.

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